13 Things A True Friend Will Do That Nobody Else Will

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There is no need for me to say how important to have a true friend in this life. The most important matter here is how to find a true friend. Here are 13 things a true friend will do that nobody else will:

  1. original-1317Prevent you from looking silly in public.
  2. Accept the mistake as one of your flaws and forgive you for it.
  3. Do stupid things with you that both of you can laugh about later.
  4. Support you and motivate you to archive your goals.
  5. Stick with you in bad times.
  6. Love you because they choose to, not because they feel like they should.
  7. Always tell you the truth, even when it’s hard.
  8. Always there to listen, calls or writes just to say hello
  9. Ready to kick some butt just because someone says a bad words to you.
  10. Admit their mistakes when they are wrong or when they screwed up.
  11. Are happy when you get/receive/achieve something you truly desire.
  12. Taking into account your preferences when they make a decision.
  13. Protect you from harm and keep you out of danger or trouble whenever they have the opportunity to do so.

How many true friends do I have according to these criteria? I recently realize that I don’t have that much. And I think I should start doing these things – to be a true friend myself first. What about you? :)

“A friend is one of the nicest thing you can have and one of the best thing you can be



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